the peony flower grows wild in china, where it is called shao yao for “most beautiful,” and comes in a variety of colors ranging from light pink to dark maroon. it is also cultivated as an ornamental plant throughout the world. 
common names—radix peaonia alba 
latin name ---- peaonia lactiflora pall.
specification paeoniflorin 10% 30% 80% hplc
traditional use
traditionally,it is one of the most widely used herbs to treat menstrual cramps and menstrual irregularities.
pharmaceutical clinical is used to improve fertility in women with polycystic ovary syndrome the treatment of relieve muscle cramps due to diabetes, dialysis, and cirrhosis of the liver 
3.associated with a variety of beneficial effects on the central nervous system, muscles, antiplatelets
4 it is known for its antispasmodic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effects

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